Words of a Feather - An Etymological Explanation of Astonishing Word Pairs

By Graeme Donald

Words of a Feather - An Etymological Explanation of Astonishing Word Pairs Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781784189242
  • Publication Date: 5 Nov 2015
  • Format: eBook (ePub/MOBI)
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Imprint: Metro

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In this quirky and humorous volume, Graeme Donald explores the fascinating links and curious connections between words. While at first these word pairs may appear to have very little in common, owing to years of linguistic shift, their origins can be traced back to the same root.In exploring these etymological twins, Words of a Feather reveals the oddities of the English language and the fascinating stories that have made our vocabulary so rich.The perfect gift for language lovers and history buffs alike, this beautiful book contains over 200 word pairs with a common ancestry.Is there any PRESTIGE in a STRAITJACKET? When does a CLIQUE become a CLICHÉ? And what has MORRIS DANCING to do with MAURITANIA? In this witty volume, Graeme Donald explores the intriguing links between words with a common origin. Did you know, for example that your attic is named after the Greek capital, or that a flamingo doing flamenco would be the height of vulgarity?Through humorous story-telling, Words of a Feather explores the connections between many other pairings, including:Albatross and AlcatrazBatman and BastardExplode and ApplaudParrot and WigRhubarb and BarbarianSardine and SardonicVillage and VillainYoga and Conjugal

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