Unsung Hero

By Kevin Fulton

Unsung Hero Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781844545520
  • Publication Date: 7 Apr 2008
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd

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Kevin Fulton's story is shocking and unique. He is the only double agent to have infiltrated the upper echelons of the Provisional IRA and agreed to tell his shocking story. No known spy has spent longer within the organisation or risen higher in its ranks than Kevin.In order to maintain his cover within one of the world's most feared terrorist groups, Fulton was forced to take part in some of its most heinous crimes, including making bombs that would kill and maim. So highly was he thought of by the IRA leaders that they made him a member of their feared internal police - ironically, his job was now to root out and kill informers.

About the author

In 1994, Fulton was forced to flee Northern Ireland after one if his operations compromised his safety. He was abandoned by the security forces and now lives like a fugitive. He decided to fight back by doing what his military chiefs thought he would never be brave enough to do - go public with his story.

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