Ultimate Hard Bastards

By Kate Kray

Ultimate Hard Bastards Look inside
  • Publication Date: 25 Dec 2004
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: Blake Publishing
eBook (ePub/MOBI)
ISBN: 9781782191568
ISBN: 9781844540983



Meet the hardest men in Britainminders, villains, gangsters, bodyguards, SAS hitmen, murderers, and terrorists. In this awesome follow-up to the hugely successful "Hard Bastards" and "Hard Bastards 2, " Kate Kray, who was married to Ronnie Kray, gets the answers to questions nobody else would dare to ask. We learn the truth about what drives some of these characters to live on the edge of the law, whether it be a matter of gaining respect or striving for survival."

About the author

'If there's one woman who understands tough guys, it is Kate Kray.' The Independent Whilst married to Ronnie Kray, Kate gained access to a fearsome underworld few would dare to enter. Her books offer the reader a totally unique perspective of Britain's underworld, her connections allowing her to put uncomfortable questions few would dare to ask such men. To read her is to take a walk on the truly wild side and survive.

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