Two Faced

By Garry Bushell

Two Faced Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781782191520
  • Publication Date: 5 Jul 2004
  • Format: eBook (ePub/MOBI)
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Imprint: John Blake

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We first met undercover cop Harry Tyler in Garry Bushell's first novel, fast-moving London cops and gangsters tale The Face. Tyler is back again, doing what he does best - infiltrating the most dangerous gangs in the country. That means he's up against the nastiest drug-dealing, gun-toting, counterfeiting villains around. And then his ex-wife becomes involved when she is the victim of a brutal attack. It's not long before Harry decides to take the law into his own hands and administer some rough justice to those responsible. Two-Faced is a sensational sequel to a book which won great praise. The Independent called The Face "Extremely funny!", the Independent highlighted its "Outrageous opinions, scorching insults" and this is sure to repeat the success

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