The World According to Garry Bushell

By Garry Bushell

The World According to Garry Bushell Look inside
  • Publication Date: 1 Nov 2008
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: Metro Books, London
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ISBN: 9781843589839
ISBN: 9781844546176



Sometimes outrageous, always courageous, "The World According to Garry Bushell" is a broadside aimed squarely at Britain's self-serving elites. Garry writes with feeling and humour about the causes closest to his heart.He is for England, for the working class, and for democracy. He's against the EU - 'the greatest stitch-up since the Bayeux Tapestry' - unfettered immigration and the nanny state with its smoking bans and booze lectures.Garry challenges every aspect of the modern world from throw-away 'celebrity' culture to the self-loathing Guardian mentality. From Live Earth to wind turbines, from pop politicians to the PC police, all manner of fashionable nonsense is judged and found wanting as Garry declares war on New Labour and the Cameron Tories.Wearing middle class disdain as a badge of honour, Garry stands up for Joe Public as he demands more freedom and less bureaucracy, and champions the everyday people who make Britain great. And all with the same blend of killer one-liners and politically incorrect wit that makes his TV column such an essential read.Garry's comments will surprise and amuse, but above all provoke. You have been warned!

About the author

Garry Bushell is best known for his hard-hitting newspaper column 'Bushell On The Box.' The son of a fireman, he started his career on the left-wing Socialist Worker, but now says that the Left has betrayed the working class and England. Garry worked on rock weekly Sounds for six years; he managed the Cockney Rejects, wrote Iron Maiden's authorized biography and discovered Twisted Sister. His hit ITV show Bushell On The Box was number one on the Night Network for two series. South Londoner Garry is married with five children.

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