The Wicked Mr Hall

By Roy Archibald Hall

The Wicked Mr Hall Look inside
  • Publication Date: 4 Jul 2011
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd
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ISBN: 9781784183134
ISBN: 9781843583981
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ISBN: 9781843587712
ISBN: 9781857826838



Growing up in Glasgow in the 1930s, Roy Archibald Hall was a natural thief. After moving down to London, Hall - who was bisexual - became a familiar figure in the capital's glitzy, underground gay scene. Due to his lucrative criminal career, he led an extravagant lifestyle. Eventually the law caught up with him and he was arrested. He spent the majority of the next two decades of his life in a cell. Upon release from prison in 1975, he returned to Scotland and found employment with Lady Margaret Hudson, working as a butler at Kirleton House. David Wright, a former lover from his time in jail, arrived on the scene and was hired as a gamekeeper. The two men fell out over the theft of a diamond ring and a vicious argument ensued. They went on a shooting trip to clear the was a walk from which Wright would never return. After the killing, Hall moved back to London where he teamed up with small-time criminal Michael Kitto. Working again as a butler, he and Kitto then murdered Hall's new employers, an aged former Labour MP and his wife. But it did not end there - by the time he was finally arrested, he had carried out two more brutal murders, including that of his own half-brother. Considering the nature of his crimes it was obvious that Hall would never be released. Before he died, however, he decided to set the record straight and write his memoirs. This honest, harrowing and chilling book is the result.

About the author

Archibald Thomas Hall was born in Glasgow in 1924. He was one of the most notorious criminals of the 20th century - a conman, jewel thief and murderer - and spent much of his life in and out of prison. He committed his first murder in 1975, while working as a butler to Lady Hudson at her palatial home in Scotland. His former lover David Wright arrived at the house and was employed as a gamekeeper. After a vicious argument, Hall murdered Wright and hid the body. It was the beginning of a string of murders that only stopped when, in 1978, the law caught up with him and he was arrested. He died in Kingston Prison in 2002.

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