The Paras - The Inside Story of Britain's Toughest Regiment

By John Parker

The Paras - The Inside Story of Britain's Toughest Regiment Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781782190509
  • Publication Date: 6 Aug 2012
  • Format: eBook (ePub)
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Imprint: Metro

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Since their foundation during the Second World War, the Parachute Regiment has acquired a formidable reputation as tough, fearless soldiers. 'The Red Devils' have played a key role in many of the battles of the past sixty years - the capture of Sicily, the D-Day landing, the heroic but doomed attempt to capture the bridge at Arnhem. In the savage wars of 'peace' since the Second World War, the Paras have seen action all over the world - from Cyprus, Palestine, Egypt, Borneo and the Falklands to Bosnia. For his authoritative book, John Parker has gathered together the testimony of numerous veterans of the Parachute Regiment. Their first-hand accounts of the major events in their history make enthralling reading, bringing home the reality and cruelty of combat.

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