The Joy of Smoking

By Sue Carroll, Sue Brealey

The Joy of Smoking Look inside
  • Publication Date: 1 Mar 2005
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: Blake Publishing
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ISBN: 9781782192411
ISBN: 9781844541157



Tired of being told to quit, put it out, stand outside, have some consideration, think about your health ...? The list of complaints against smokers would take much longer than a fag break to read out, and many of us (even those who don't smoke) have had just about enough of it! The passive whingeing we endure from the self-righteous is enough to have anyone gasping for another ciggie! Leaping to the defence of the smoker, The Daily Mirror's favourite columnist Sue Carroll and non-smoker Sue Brealey take a hilarious and irreverent look at the humble cigarette, its history and its place in life and death, love and sex, fiction and the silver screen, and champions its survival in the face of a modern tide of persecution from the health police. I knew a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex and rich food. He was healthy, right up to the day he killed himself.' Johnny Carson 'I just hate being a non-smoker, because I always find smokers the most interesting people on the table.' Michelle Pfeiffer

About the author

Sue Carroll is a Columnist (and a committed smoker!) on the Daily Mirror. She has been in journalism since she was 18 and has held senior positions on most tabloid newspapers including The Sun, and the News of The World and she has a huge following. Sue Brealey is a non-smoker who was Head of Press and PR at GMTV for six years until 2001. She now runs her own PR company and represents some very big names.

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