Executioner's Bible

By Steve Fielding

Executioner's Bible Look inside
  • Publication Date: 1 Nov 2008
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd
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ISBN: 9781843586968
ISBN: 9781844546480



"The Executioner's Bible" tells the story of these working-class men who carried out this gruesome profession until its abolition in the late 1960's. Despite often being unassuming and quiet professionals, men like Albert Pierrepoint, William Billington and many other Chief and Assistant executioners made a name for themselves in a world hungry for salacious and gruesome news. Read about the bungling hangmen sacked for incompetence; drunken executioners dismissed for brawling; one hangman driven to suicide and another who 'got out just in time', to the last men to pull the lever at the height of the swinging sixties. They were the last of their kind: the hangmen of the 20th Century. And this is their fascinating sometimes repugnant, always enthralling story. The secrets of over six controversial decades of capital punishment are finally revealed.

About the author

Steve Fielding's previous works include The Hangman's Record, Pierrepoint: A Family of Executioners, and The Murder Casebook series. He has worked as the historical consultant on the Discovery Channel series The Executioners and has contributed to several magazines such as The Criminologist, Master Detective, andTrue Crime."

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