Terrace Legends

By Cass Pennant, Martin King

Terrace Legends Look inside
  • Publication Date: 26 Sep 2003
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: Blake Publishing
eBook (ePub/MOBI)
ISBN: 9781782192350
ISBN: 9781844540921
ISBN: 9781904034957



Meet the men who, for decades, have ruled the football terraces. They are the faces behind the biggest firms in football history; behind the rucks, the rules and the respect. They have caused chaos for the public and the press and struck fear into rival fans that have crossed their path. In this book, the men behind the mobs have joined forces to reveal their experiences as key figures in the most notorious terrace fights. From the bovver boys of the sixties and seventies to the football casuals of the eighties, the names central to the biggest firms - the names that were to become the stuff that terrace legends were made of - have all been tracked down and interviewed. They tell their stories in this book.

About the author

This is a unique and groundbreaking collaboration between two bestselling authors. Cass Pennant, prominent face from West Ham's ICF, and Chelsea Head Hunter main man Martin King - once sworn rivals - have buried the differences between their own firms to produce the definitive book on terrace culture. There are no voices more authoritative on the subject than these two bestselling authors.

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