Running From The Devil - How I Survived a Stolen Childhood

By Sara Davies

Running From The Devil - How I Survived a Stolen Childhood Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781782192657
  • Publication Date: 4 Jun 2007
  • Format: eBook (ePub/MOBI)
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Imprint: John Blake

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Sara Davies spent her whole childhood living in fear. She has known terror that no child should ever know. Having endured and witnessed violence and molestation by her abusive father from as far back as she can remember, when she was only five years old he completely robbed her of her childhood when he raped her for the first time. For Sara, this was just the beginning of years of torment and terror. She grew up thinking that this was what life was supposed to be like, that things were meant to be this way. For years, Sara suffered both the beatings and the sexual abuse in silence, unable to confide in her mother and too scared to inform anyone outside the family. FInally, after years of enduring her pain, she told her mother about the terrible things she had been forced to endure. Despite her father being arrested and imprisoned, it would take much more than punishment for Sara to free herself from the demons that haunted her. Trying to find the love and support lacking in her family, Sara sought comfort from strangers and there followed a series of abortive and often abusive relationships. Her determination to be her own person and find independence came when she left home to work for a modelling agency. This came to a sudden and shocking end when she suspected that the employers in whom she had placed her trust had drugged and abused her. Desperate to break the cycle of abuse and determined to liberate herself from the past the past that has haunted her, Sara has found her own kind of peace - having confronted her father about wha he put her through, she has laid her ghosts to rest and is now a happy mother and suvvessful writer. This heart-rending, emotional and educational book will not fail to reach the heart of the reader.

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