Reunited in the Desert

By Helle Amin, David Meikle

Reunited in the Desert Look inside
  • Publication Date: 1 Mar 2007
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd
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ISBN: 9781843582359
ISBN: 9781844543243
ISBN: 9781844546060



Helle Amin seemed to have the perfect life, after setting up home on the tropical island of Bali with her husband and four children. But one day in 2001 Helle's idyllic existence was shattered. She returned home from a shopping trip one evening to find that her children had gone. Her four boys should have been safely tucked up in bed. Instead, their beds were empty. It didn't take Helle long to discover that her Saudi Arabian husband had taken them away to live in his home country. With her children thousands of miles away in totally unfamiliar surroundings, Helle drew upon her remarkable courage and set off for the desert in a desperate attempt to find her beloved boys. Her journey was filled with drama, danger, excitement and sorrow. Some women might have given up, but not Helle. In the astonishing struggle that followed Helle was reduced to catching occasional, snatched glimpses of her children as they were taken to and from school in Jeddah. She took a job at an international school in the city and began her campaign for access. After a series of dramatic twists and turns, Helle was reunited forever with her boys. As a testament to her bravery, she became a Tesco Mother of the Year. This fascinating and gripping story cannot fail to touch any reader's heart and is packed with adventure, heartache and joy.

About the author

Helle Amin was born in Denmark in 1964. She obtained a teaching degree there, and came to this country to study acupuncture. Helle married in 1990. Since her traumatic experience, she has helped to support other women who have not yet been reunited with their abducted children. Helle now lives with her young family in the West Country. David Meikle was born in Edinburgh in 1954. He began his career in newspapers, before moving into television. He is a former News Editor with ITV, and recently produced the ITV 50 series for the South of England. David is a keen musician, and plays tennis for a local club in Hampshire.

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