One-Eyed Baz - The Story of Barrington 'Zulu' Patterson, One of Britain's Deadliest Men

By Barrington Patterson, Cass Pennant

One-Eyed Baz - The Story of Barrington 'Zulu' Patterson, One of Britain's Deadliest Men Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781782193784
  • Publication Date: 4 Mar 2013
  • Format: eBook (ePub/MOBI)
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Imprint: John Blake

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Blinded in one eye by a childhood incident, his tormentors called him 'One Eye' or 'Cyclops'; it could have instilled a victim mentality in him, but instead he became a fighter. One by one, those who tormented him would get their comeuppance . . .In his turbulent teenage years, 'Baz' adopted a criminal lifestyle. He went from Rude Boy to Casual and became a leading figure in Birmingham City FC's Zulu Warriors. When not training in martial arts or proving himself as a cage fighter, he also cut a powerful figure in Coventry's clubland where he ran its toughest doors. For all his ferocious reputation, ONE-EYED BAZ reveals a character of great warmth and loyalty, a charismatic figure strong enough to embrace the combat sport of cage fighting and prove himself 'King of the Ring'. ONE-EYED BAZ will surely be lauded as a classic of the hard-man genre.'BARRINGTON IS STILL A PREDATOR, YOU CAN'T REALLY TAME A LION.' - DEV BARRETT - FORMER WORLD W.A.K.O. FULL-CONTACT KARATE CHAMPION.'A LOT OF THE TIME PEOPLE WOULD COME DOWN FOR BARRINGTON WITH WEAPONS AND HE WOULD TAKE THE WEAPON OFF THEM AND BEAT THEM. DON'T GET ME WRONG: HE'S A LOVELY GUY AND HE'S GOT A BIG HEART AND HE'S A VERY GOOD FRIEND TO HAVE. BUT HE'S A VERY, VERY BAD ENEMY TO HAVE.' - TODD - BIRMINGHAM ZULUS

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