On the Doors

By Stellakis Sylianou

On the Doors Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781904034896
  • Publication Date: 15 Sep 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: Blake Publishing

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This is the amazing, terrifying, muscle-packed story of one of the most feared and respected bouncers in the country. When Stellakis Stylianou, known to his friends - and enemies - as Stilks, was a kid growing up in London, he was so poor that he had to go out hunting pigeons for his family's supper. It was the memory of those lean days which made him vow that his own family woud never be hungry again. And so he forged a life for himself doing what he knew best - using his muscle and his unstoppable force to keep the law and order on the streets, in a way that no uniformed copper could ever do. Now he has risen to become the most famous club doorman in the world. Woe betide anyone who mistakes his firm politeness for weakness.

About the author

Across the London underworld, Stilks needs no introduction. He is well known as the man who you want on your door if there's the prospect of any trouble - the man who will deal with the trouble-makers using their own methods, only doubled!

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