Jack - The Biography of Jack Nicholson

By John Parker

Jack - The Biography of Jack Nicholson Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781784185626
  • Publication Date: 11 Jun 2007
  • Format: eBook (ePub/MOBI)
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Imprint: John Blake

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He is Tinseltown's most indestructible sex symbol and hell raiser. In 1997, Jack Nicholson received an Oscar for his starring role in "As Good As It Gets". Known for his trademark shark's grin and sunglasses, Nicholson has been acting for the past 37 years, and has just celebrated 25 years since the classic "The Shining" was released; one of his most popular films.In this book, learn the truth about this avid LA Lakers fan, partying legend and charismatic performer, revealed with the help and co-operation of many of Nicholson's Hollywood associates. John Parker traces the astonishing rise to stardom of a boy who was brought up to believe his grandmother was his mother and his mother his sister. Jack Nicholson remains, after all these years, untamed and wild.

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