Harry and Ida Swap Teeth

By Stephen Jones

Harry and Ida Swap Teeth Look inside
  • ISBN: 9780953327577
  • Publication Date: 22 Apr 2003
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: Independent Music Press
  • Imprint: Independent Music Press

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The darkly humorous second novel from maverick musician Stephen Babybird Jones, author of the critically acclaimed debut, The Bad Book. Sixteen years ago from the day you are reading this, two babies were born Siamese. Joined at the head but successfully separated, and now they are old enough, they like to think they have retained a little piece of each others brain. A bit of Ida in Henry and a bit of Henry in Ida. Sixteen years old today and short of money. Henry and Ida Brick go to the medical school and give themselves up for guinea pigs. The drive-in-drive-out lab rats, get paid twenty dollars for injections of new Society Drugs cocktails of genes and DNA taken from the saliva of schizophrenics, offenders, vandals, and pregnant teenagers all delivered indifferent combinations and doses for cash in hand. Feeling like a couple of young gods who are certainly not about to start living like mortals, they go missing and with all the bad blood swirling round inside this duo of delinquent tornados, a strange and incredible journey begins to unfold. A dark and devious plot intertwined with chilling comic genius andfreakishly potent imagery guarantees a unique and compelling read from this highly respected lyricist and wordsmith.

About the author

Stephen Jones is the musical blacksheep Babybird and the author of The Bad Book. His new soundtrack album due for release in the Spring guarantees a well timed surge of media interest, particularly on TV where Stephen is no stranger to high profile shows. With nine albums released in six years, one top ten gold album, a top three half a million selling single - You're Gorgeous, seven other top forty singles, and now with soundtrack success Stephen continues to mystify and sell music across the world. Henry and Ida Swap Teeth is Stephen's second novel, and has nothing to do with music whatsoever.

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