From My Heart - A Tale of Life, Love and Destiny

By Sudhir Choudhrie

From My Heart - A Tale of Life, Love and Destiny Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781786064004
  • Publication Date: 28 Dec 2016
  • Format: eBook (ePub/MOBI)
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing
  • Imprint: John Blake

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The greatest achievement is to still be alive - and what’s more, living with purpose to focus on family and personal growth.
Sudhir Choudhrie knows better than most the meaning of survival against the odds. Choudhrie’s story is one of perseverance and survival. Born in India, he has become an internationally recognized figure, renowned for his business successes and philanthropic good will across the globe. Lesser known are the difficulties which he has faced throughout his life, with his, and his family’s health. After years of ill health, he had a heart transplant operation just eight months after the death of his beloved brother Rajiv, also from a chronic heart condition.
From My Heart is a candid memoir, where Sudhir Choudhrie tells the story of growing up in a privileged Indian family but knowing since early childhood that the heart he was born with would one day fail him. Along the way he faced numerous health problems, including a profoundly frightening period of temporary blindness, before finally being given a new heart by the world renowned surgeon Dr Oz.
But that was not an end to the ordeal. Sudhir began to experience terrifying visions in the wake of the operation and was forced to undergo further therapy to rid him of the horrors that haunted him, before he was finally able to resume his life, building relationships and embodying healthy living to make the most of his new start.
Throughout it all, Sudhir’s wife Anita was by his side, praying and fighting for her husband’s health, while his two sons Bhanu and Dhairya were forced to contemplate the premature loss of their father. This is the moving story of survival, hope and second chances, a story told from the heart.
The reader cannot help but be drawn into this heartfelt tale of love, loss and everything in between.

About the author

SUDHIR CHOUDHRIE has built a formidable reputation as a pioneering entrepreneur. Awarded the ‘Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award’ by Theresa May in 2013, he began his career in India by playing a key role in the development of the tourism industry and Sudhir’s interests have since expanded over the decades to include international commerce, diplomacy, politics and philanthropy.

He currently uses his considerable experience assisting C&C Alpha Group in the expansion of their numerous subsidiaries which include healthcare, aviation, and niche technologies among others. In line with his business acumen, Sudhir founded the Emerging Markets Symposium at Green Templeton College, Oxford, where he is a Radcliffe Fellow. A British national since 2010, is closely involved in Anglo-Indian relations, as well as the Liberal Democrat Party.

Sudhir’s philanthropic duties take him all over the world. He is heavily involved with numerous charities, as well as founding the Stellar Art Foundation to promote Asian artists. He also owns an impressive collection of vintage cars.

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