Diana and the Paparazzi

By Mark Saunders, Glenn Harvey

Diana and the Paparazzi Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781857822175
  • Publication Date: 24 May 2007
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd

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Diana, Princess of Wales was the most photographed woman in the world: her beautiful face adorned everything from charity campaigns to style magazines, from royal family memorabilia to tabloid newspapers. Glenn Harvey and Mark Saunders are Britain's most celebrated paparazzi photographers - long-serving professionals in a tough industry where you're only one scoop away from glory or ruination. They photograph only members of Britain's royal family. Their paths would inevitably cross, and when they did it was often with spectacular results. In "Diana and the Paparazzi" the two photographers publish their most exclusive pictures and the extraordinary stories behind them. There are confrontations, elaborate games of cat and mouse and hilarious anecdotes within these pages, as well as a unique insight into the workings of the paparazzi and the pressures they place upon their subjects. Mark and Glenn's exploits highlight the tenuous relationship they had with the Princess, often angering her, at other times being manipulated to protect her public image, but throughout the photographers never lose sight of the respect and high esteem in which they held the Princess.

About the author

Glenn Harvey's first job was as a teaboy at a photographic press agency owned by veteran war photographer Terry Fincher. Under Fincher's guidance, Glenn learned how to produce first-class pictures. He left to become a freelance photographer, specialising in the royal family. He has covered more than 150 royal tours. In 1992 he was banned by Buckingham Palace from covering official royal tours after he photographed Princess Diana in a bikini. He lives in Italy. Mark Saunders began his career as a news agency photographer. Following this, he became royal correspondent for the Windsor Express, the Queen's local newspaper, for five years. In that role he covered more than 200 official royal functions. Periods of work in Spain and the United States introduced him to the ruthless, big money world of the paparazzi. Mark was born in Taplow, Buckinghamshire.

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