By Decca Heggie

Prizefighter Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781786063908
  • Publication Date: 1 Jun 2017
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd

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Decca's story is that of a bullied boy with an impossible dream. Of solvent abuse, violence, drug addiction, depression, boxing, bare-knuckle fighting but - ultimately - redemption. It begins on a council estate in Carlisle where, as the victim of cruel bullies, a young Decca anaesthetised himself from the pain and humiliation by sniffing solvents. In his mid-teens the fear fell away to be replaced by fury, as the bullies soon discovered to their cost. Memories of that frightened boy fuelled a rage that forged a fearsome street-fighter and future champion. Working on the doors attracted more trouble but further enhanced his growing reputation. At the age of nineteen, life was good until the love of his life left him. Depression set in and prevailed. For almost ten years, he fell prey to a rampant cocaine habit, which provoked his demons, making him unpredictable and dangerous to be around. Serious jail time seemed inevitable. Out of sheer desperation, his dad arranged Decca's first unlicensed boxing match. He won and became instantly hooked. Having gotten fit, hungry, and off the drugs, he was lured into the bloody arena of bare-knuckle fighting.Many brutal undefeated fights followed, as did two BKB heavyweight titles. A chance meeting with renowned boxing promoter, Ricky English led to Decca's shot at the iconic 'Guv'nor' title. The rest, as they say, is history.

About the author

DECCA HEGGIE grew up on a council estate in Carlisle. Glue sniffing and football became a means of escape from the bullies that plagued his childhood. Until that is, he discovered that he was a natural-born fighter. Having hammered all his tormentors, the die was cast. Working as a doorman in his late teens, he met - then lost - the love of his life. Cocaine addiction eased the pain but fuelled bouts of depression and random violence. Unlicensed boxing led to bare-knuckle fighting and two BKB heavyweight titles. Then, in 2016, Ricky English offered him a shot at The Guv'nor Title - the chance to cement his legacy as a true great of the hardest sport of them all. STEPHEN WOOD began writing as a serving police officer. One of his stories was discovered by film and TV producer, the late Burt Burnam, and turned into a screenplay. They spent the next eight years working together, four of those in partnership with Mel Efros. His debut crime novel (under the pseudonym Stephen Coill), A Deviant Breed, was published in 2015, along with espionage thriller The Bowline Contract. This is his first biographical collaboration.

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