Dead Men Walking

By Christopher Berry-Dee, Tony Brown

Dead Men Walking Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781844545926
  • Publication Date: 2 Jun 2008
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd

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Following the success of the "Talking With Serial Killers" books, Christopher Berry-Dee continues his investigation into the dark world of the criminally insane, this time with co-writer Tony Brown."Dead Men Walking" is a collection of chilling real-life stories from the cells of death row. These damned souls include Bill Benefiel, the 'Superglue Monster', who brutally tortured his teenage victims to death; Dennis Wayne Bagwell, who killed four female family members, brutally raping one; and Veronica and Ivan Gonzalez, who systematically tortured their four-year-old niece over a period of six months, before scalding her to death in a bath tub, making them the first married couple on death row.While illustrating the horrific crimes of some of the world's most dangerous criminals, this book discusses the difference between monster and man and tries to trace the often blurry line between justice and murder. With in-depth accounts of each perpetrator and crime, "Dead Men Walking" offers a voice of reason in an exhausted debate between politicians, the public and the press. These insightful portrayals allow for a terrifying journey down the Green Mile.Once again, Christopher Berry-Dee leads you into the dark side of human nature.

About the author

Christopher Berry-Dee is the author of Face to Face with Serial Killers and Serial Killers. He is the coauthor with Tony Brown of Monsters of Death Row, and the coauthor of numerous other books on true crime.

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