Daniel Radcliffe

By Sue Blackhall

Daniel Radcliffe Look inside
  • Publication Date: 6 Nov 2014
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781782199892
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Daniel Radcliffe went from shy schoolboy to the world's most famous boy wizard overnight. Aged just ten when he won the iconic role of Harry Potter, Daniel has often had to beat his own demons as he met the challenge of combining childhood with being a child star. From the moment he appeared blinking through his Potter glasses at his very first press conference his life would never be the same. Since then Daniel has had to cope with forever being in the public eye, his every move - and mistake - constantly monitored. He has had to face mobs of fans at every appearance and premiere, deal with hundreds of interviews and handle a plethora of press interest wherever he goes. Growing up is hard for any young lad but Daniel has had to do his on a world stage. No one could have envisaged just how huge Harry Potter would be - or how dramatically life-changing it would be for the little boy teachers once wrote off as having no prospects. It was the role of a young David Copperfield which was to catapult Daniel into the limelight; his boyish innocence and charm catching the eye of Harry Potter producer Chris Columbus who declared: 'I want that boy!' Daniel won the part out of a staggering 16,000 boys who auditioned. Now it is hard to believe that anyone but him could have ever played the role. Daniel became a film legend before he was out of his teens. But there was much he wanted to prove. In a bid to detach himself from being simply the boy with a wand Daniel had to make his own magic and bravely took on projects which were often controversial and challenging - but never dull. He first caused a stir by stripping naked for the role as a disturbed boy in Equus, a part he played to great acclaim. We were literally to see a lot more of the young actor after that too. But his courage at diversifying has won him a new army of fans. Daniel's career choices have seen him dancing and singing his way into people's hearts as well as impressing them with his dramatic roles. Now established as one of our leading young actors with a fame that is literally worth a fortune Daniel has managed to conquer the turbulent times as a teenager when his drinking could so easily have meant the end of it all and threatened his relationship with loving parents who were always there in the background for him. Today he is wiser, happier and looking forward to a future of fulfilled dreams and ambition. Against all odds, Daniel Radcliffe could be said to be the Half-Blood Prince who has become a full-blooded actor and level-headed young adult.

About the author

Sue Blackhall is a former Fleet Street journalist and executive and television critic. She started her career as a news reporter and diarist on the Windsor Express before becoming a staff writer on national newspapers. Sue was the co-author of Fall of the House of Windsor, the number one bestseller which broke the story of the 'Squidgygate' tapes chronicling the real story behind the breakdown of Prince Diana's marriage. Now a freelance writer, Sue is the author of a number of factual books including Tsunami, Ghosts of New York, Fool Britannia, Scott of the Antarctic, Simon Mann, Bill Nighy, Lorraine Pascale and Killers in the Water as well as co-writing a series of crime compilations. She lives in Kent and has a daughter, Rosie.

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