By Sue Evison

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  • ISBN: 9781844543359
  • Publication Date: 31 Oct 2006
  • Format: Hardback
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Coleen McLouglin and Wayne Rooney were normal childhood sweet hearts, growing up only a few streets apart in Liverpool, but they were thrust firmly into the limelight by Rooney's amazing footballing talents and growing reputation as a star. There was a time when little was asked of a footballers wife/girlfriend and match day support and displays of relationship solidarity were enough...but not anymore! Already on the books at Everton, who had signed him as an apprentice at the age of nine, Rooney traded a pair of shin pads with Coleen's brother in exchange for a date with his sister Coleen, a schoolgirl at a strict Catholic girl's school - and from then on the pair have been inseparable. But the media attention has had its highs and lows for Coleen - the unlimited finances have converted the wide-eyed school girl into an international top-shopper and go-getter, sporting the latest designer labels and seen in the most glamorous boutiques. Unfairly labelled as the 'Queen of chav' she has since impressed designers with her professional approach to forging her own career independently of Wayne. Featured on the cover of "Vogue" she has touched the stratosphere of fame, and is seeing her acting and media aspirations coming into fruition, yet she remains the girl with both feet firmly on the Croxteth streets where she grew up. Meanwhile, Rooney's on and off pitch antics, and Coleen's insatiable appetite for column inches mean the couple are never far from the front or back pages. This wonderful affectionate yet insightful biography, written by top journalist Sue Evison who has interviewed Coleen at length, charts Coleen's transformation for girl-next-door to professional footballer's financee, and shows just how she's coped with the fame and fortune that goes hand in hand with dating a sporting superstar.

About the author

Sue Evison has been a journalist for over sixteen years. She has spent most of her career at The Sun, where she has held numerous positions including Editor of the Bizarre column, Deputy Features Editor and Books Editor. She is now Chief Features Editor and has broken some of the biggest stories for the newspaper.

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