Bring Me the Horizon

By Ben Welch

Bring Me the Horizon Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781784189860
  • Publication Date: 7 Apr 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: Music Press Books

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Oli Sykes is not one to bite his tongue, and when it comes to music, Bring Me the Horizon take no prisoners. One of the most polarising and eclectic bands to emerge from the UK rock scene, Bring Me the Horizon have refused to sit still. Taking their sound from its brutal roots and bonecrunching riffs to ever more unexpected places, they have expanded the horizons of their own music whilst fighting their way from niche scene-clubs to main stages worldwide. But the band has been the source of much controversy to match its acclaim. With notoriously fractious, rowdy live shows driven by the effervescent energy of frontman Oli Sykes, the band have overcome Sykes' drug addiction, onstage assaults, clashes with critics, and the pressure of being considered figureheads of a new musical movement to become Britain's best metalcore band. Behind the noise, there is a restless, pulsing creative spirit which, coupled with a brilliant business acumen; saw the band break out of the underground to become a sensation. For the first time, this book details their rise from hardcore shows in their native Sheffield to sellout arena tours across the globe.Together, they have been through hell, and have come out the other side swinging. For Bring Me the Horizon, the sky is the limit now.

About the author

Ben Welch is an award-winning short film director--in early 2008 he won the 'Best Comedy' award at the First Light Awards, judged by Kevin Spacey, Alan Rickman, Nira Parks, Sam Mendes and Orlando Bloom. He also writes for various film magazines and is the author of Paramore: Grace.

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