Blaggers Inc

By Terry Smith

Blaggers Inc Look inside
  • Publication Date: 2 Apr 2012
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 9781843589594
eBook (ePub/MOBI)
ISBN: 9781857827576



Terry Smith has earned his wisdom and hard way. Once a professional armed robber, he is adamant that he has long since put down the sword and taken up the pen. Within the pages of this book, law-abiding citizens and aspiring career criminals alike will find expert analysis of: The Great Train Robbery - the 1960s template for all that follows; the criminal masterwork that left 'a goldmine of incriminating evidence'. The Bank of America Robbery - the audacious 1970s raid that netted GBP8-GBP12 million of cash, jewellery and compromising photos. The Security Express Depot Robbery - the classic 1980s heist, for which notorious villains the Knight brothers and Freddie Foreman all took a fall. The Knightsbridge Safe Deposit Centre Robbery - the masterstroke of Italian super-villain and international fugitive 'Gigi' Viccei. The Millennium Dome Robbery - 'the great armed robbery that never was', in which a small army of firearms officers lay in wait for the unarmed Greenwich raiders.

About the author

Terry Smith is the author of Blaggers Inc. His personal experiences of crime and punishment form the basis of his memoir, "The Art of Armed Robbery." He is also the author of "Nil Desperandum," a biography of professional thief Patsy Feeley. In recent years Terry has appeared on Channel 4 reality show "The Heist" and worked as technical adviser on Spike Lee s robbery movie "Inside Man."

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