It Must Never Happen Again

By John McShane

It Must Never Happen Again Look inside
  • Publication Date: 28 Sep 2009
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd
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ISBN: 9781782196013
ISBN: 9781844547890

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This is a comprehensive look at the events leading up to the death of Baby P. A recent investigation has found that there was poor communication between authorities, a repeated failure to take into account the child's history and inaccurate documentation of events by Haringey Council. Child protection plans were heavily criticized in the inspection report for being disorganized with little analysis of the child and no clear decision-making. With the three perpetrators awaiting sentencing and politicians debating what can be done now and in the future, the public are left angry and bewildered as just how this was allowed to happen.

About the author

John McShane is the author of "Didier Drogba," "Heath Ledger," and "Nowhere to Hide."

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