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Zayn's New Direction

On 25th March 2015, Zayn Malik shocked the world when he unexpectedly announced that, after five years, he had decided to leave One Direction. The band, which set Malik on the road of stardom since it first formed in 2010, has been doing nothing but bringing out number one single after number one single. And it’s true; we will never forget What Makes You Beautiful or the amazing feeling of being Up All Night and Live While We Are Young.

There’s no point in denying how devastated Zayn’s fans felt when he made his decision and declared that it was the right time for him to leave band, mostly because we all thought the One Direction star appeared to have settled down when he proposed to former girlfriend and singer Perrie Edwards in 2013. The couple have stayed together despite the traumatic months and tabloid allegations but the difficulties to live a ‘normal life’, force Zayn to choose between the band he loved or the love of his life.

As heartbroken as this has made us feel... Zayn decided to leave One Direction behind. We knew that his career was nowhere near over, though… because just days after announcing the split, the singer was back in the recording studio with musician and producer Naughty Boy, working on potential for a new solo career.

But… was Zayn’s decision the correct one? Twitter has been filled up with comments and opinions on the matter after the singer accused Naughty boy of being a ‘faker’ and called him a ‘fat joke’. There’s speculation that the fight started after the producer apparently leaked Zayn’s ‘No Type’ music video.

Could this be what started it all? Well, we will have to wait for the answer but we know one thing for sure: Zayn’s new direction has just started and there’s no doubt he will go far.

You will be able to discover all the details about your favourite singer in his new biography, which provides an in-depth exploration into his world. From boyhood in Bradford and his heyday with One Direction to his plans for the future and new solo career… let author Sarah Oliver take you through Zayn’s life and find out what will happen next. 

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