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One Direction 'Splits'

It’s the news that every boy band fan fears will one day come, and it may have arrived a little too soon for the Directioner fan base’s liking. Just last night they were hit with the devastating news – via Twitter - that the remaining four members of the band would be taking a year’s break from March in 2016, supposedly to focus on solo projects. Though the question stands on whether it will be a genuine break, or if it’s all over for the internationally successful boyband? Shortly after the fifth member, Zayn Malik, departed from the band the remaining members had assured fans and press that they would continue as a four piece, and that they would not be splitting up anytime soon.

Though the band, regardless of Zayn’s departure, seemed to still be in the prime of their success, and would have continued to be so for a while, the split does not come as surprising. They band had continued to be worn thin with recordings, events and tours, and by this point it has been repeatedly said by press that a break may be coming soon, which turned into rumours of a complete split-up following Zayn Malik’s announcement of leaving.


Our author, Sarah Oliver, who has written biographies for celebrities such as Robert Pattinson and Zayn Malik, has added in her opinion on what this means, and what the future may hold for the boyband.

"One Direction have been working flat-out for the last five years, so the idea that they were going to be taking a break next year didn’t surprise me. They deserve a rest – and I’m pretty sure most Directioners would agree.

 "They’ve sold more than 50 million records, had over 90 number ones and performed to over 7 million fans worldwide. They work harder than virtually any artist out there. They have been available to fans via Twitter 24/7, and have shared pretty much every high and low with them. I can’t see them stopping tweeting and updating fans while they’re on their break – so I don’t think Directioners need to be alarmed because they will be reuniting in a year or two down the line.

 "Taking a break next year is the sensible thing to do, Louis will be focusing on being a dad and the other boys will be enjoying time with their families too. Niall’s nephew Theo is only two and Louis’ brother Ernest and sister Doris are only one. Liam will want to spend time with his girlfriend Sophia – who knows they might end up getting engaged during the break.

 "I don’t think they’ll be rushing to go solo – despite what the press says. Yes, Liam will probably write for other artists and Harry will go to the recording studio at some point but they’ll want to take things slow. They’ve hardly had any time off over the last five years. They’ll just want to have fun and enjoy life."

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