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John Blake Books is delighted to be publishing next Thursday 10.09.15 The Last Real Gangster, by author Freddie Foreman.

His new book boasts a collection of never-before-seen photos of the time when mobsters ruled London, with words by Foreman himself. They capture an age gone by when gangsters and hit-men lived by an unbreakable code of honour.  

The relation of Freddie with the Kray twins is well-known so when film director Brian Helgeland decided to make a movie about the famous London gangsters, there was no doubt he will get in touch with Foreman.

In fact, it was Freddie who helped actor Tom Hardy –who has written a foreword for Freddie’s book - to understand and re-create the movements, talking and way of acting of Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

John Blake Publishing had the amazing opportunity to attend with Freddie to the World Premiere of Legend at Leicester Square in London.

Our author was photographed, walked along the red carpet, hugged Tom Hardy and enjoyed the event. We were there too and did not only enjoyed the movie – because we are sure Hardy will get the Oscar -  but we were fascinated with the story too! We do not only recommend to see the film but also to read the numerous books that have been written on the Krays and the gangster world they lived in including:

- The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins

- Reggie Kray's East End Stories: The lost memoirs of the gangland legend

- Freddie Foreman: The Godfather of British Crime

- Frances Kray: The Tragic Bride

Notorious: The Immortal Legend of the Kray Twins

- The Cult of Violence: the untold story of the Krays


Take a peek at last evening's pictures, though... we know you want to!

The Odeon was prepared 

From left to right: Steven Wraith. Freddie Foreman and godson Christian Simpson

Freddie Foreman and Maureen Flanagan (green dress), who knew the Kray twins personally.

Tom Hardy with Freddie Foreman, Christian Simpson and Steven Wraith before the screening



 From left to right: Freddie, author John Pearson - whose book inspired the film - and Steven Wraith

 From left to right: Steven Wraith holding Freddie's book with actor Tom Hardy and Carmen Jimenez, press officer at John Blake Books

 You can buy Freddie Foreman's book here

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