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Gothic Books

Gothic Books


The collection of rewritten fairy tales by Angela Carter is morbidly obscene and gothic. You would think that since it is a retelling of innocent, childhood stories, it would be somewhat appropriate for all ages.

Apparently not.

Her version of Beauty and the Beast, otherwise known as The Courtship of Mr Lyon, is a far cry from the stereotypical, innocent story we had all come to love. The ending is the complete opposite from the original, where the Beast transitions from a monster to human to be with Belle but Angela Carter reinverts this concept so that Belle also transforms into an equally hideous beast. Angela’s Snow White is also opposite to the traditional plot. Instead of Snow White waking up from a kiss, she is in fact killed by the kiss.


The Missing by Lisa McCann is a book I remember from reading a few years ago because of its weirdly dark storyline. The story begins after a series of kidnapping occurs and everyone believes it to be the new guy. After another kidnapping gone awry, we realise that it is in fact spirits taking the souls of people to become stronger. In fact the entire town was built on an old school for boys where they would be punished by their head teacher and it was the spirits of the boy that were attempting to seek redemption. What is interesting that the kidnappings only happened if you sat at a particular desk at school – the ‘whipping’ desk from the old, reformed school.

They’re good reads, particularly if you want to scare yourself out of your wits, or even have your view changed on original fairy tales.

I Can See You by Karen Rose is a strange novel, centralising on a university psychology experiment gone wrong. A virtual game online leads to endless murders by a killer who stages the scene in the virtual world and then replicates it in the real world. We’re given different people that could be the culprit but it soon emerges that it is the psychologist that works with the police that is the murderer. This is for those who enjoy dark thrillers that can put readers in the most confusing positions. 

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