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Digital vs Paperback: What’s your favourite way to read?

As the carriage doors draw open, the bold yellow line marks the start of the early morning commuter’s race. Sliding into a seat against the window, it takes seconds to observe that the reading material chosen is as diverse as those entering the carriage. Whilst some opt for a comforting traditional paperback, others reach for the luminescent glow of their phones or even find comfort in the clutches of an E-reader.

Since the introduction of digital reading, many have questioned whether the likes of the E-reader or the various book ‘Apps’ available would eventually outlive the traditional novel. But do avid readers and bibliophiles have reason to be concerned?

Although arguably reading from an E-reader or a phone doesn’t have the same comforting appeal as the traditional paperback or hardback novel, there are many perks which accompany the digital age of reading. If you find yourself reading in order to pass the time during a busy commute, often carrying around multiple books may become a struggle. Dipping into last night’s novel is now easier than ever, leaving less baggage for those unable to resist turning to the next page.

Utilizing digital devices also encourages reading in children and young adults. Convincing a child or a teenager to switch out the glow of a screen for a book doesn’t have to be such a struggle. Downloadable apps now allow them to be fooled into reading. With the ability to alter font sizes for younger readers, the digital age offers a less intimidating approach for newly fledged readers, allowing their imaginations to flourish.

While a bookshelf-filled library offers a vast amount of titles, there is also a wide range of books available to digital readers. Ease of access to these genres online allow for more people to discover titles they may not have been brave enough to approach before. Simply using an online store, readers can delve into a colourful market of genres. A selection of these include; ‘Art and Photography’, ‘Humour’, ‘Graphic Novels’, ‘Science fiction’, ‘Home and Garden’ and many more.

Just as modern day society has evolved to accommodate our fast paced lifestyles; allowing us to receive instant coffee, instant updates and instant gratification, it almost makes sense that novels would progress in a similar way.  Yes, it remains that for the average bibliophile there is nothing quite like the awe of a largely filled bookshelf or the controversial folding the corners of a page. But as long as a book is in hand (digital or not) what else is there to worry about?

Let us know what your favourite form of reading is!

Posted in Blog by Emma Stokes