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Amanda Wright to appear on BBC Radio Four's Women's Hour!

Amanda Wright and her mother

Amanda Wright was just four years old when she witnessed her mother’s brutal murder.  John Dickinson, a friend of the family, visited them at home, strangled her mother in front of her eyes and then tried to do the same to Amanda.  He then set their house on fire. 

Miraculously, her life was saved; however, Amanda has been dealing with the traumatic consequences of this event ever since.  After enduring a series of agonising skin grafts in hospital, she moved in with her grandparents.  For this little girl, life was to become a daily struggle and one to be faced without the mother she loved so much.

Somehow, despite her guilt and fears, Amanda resolved to make something of her life.  Touchingly, she chose to dedicate her life working with children, something which has also helped to heal the wounds of her own horrific childhood. 

Now forty, Amanda is happily married with two young children and is a true role model for those overcoming adversity and trauma.  In Without a Mother’s Love, she tells her heart breaking yet inspirational story for the first time. 


Amanda will be discussing the impact of the loss of her mother, and how she has battled to recover from the trauma on BBC Radio Four's Womans Hour at 10am on 02/06/2016.

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