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Author Jacky Hyams will be giving talks on Frances Kray

The True Story of Reggie Kray's First Wife 

She was young, very beautiful and had everything to live for- but the life of Frances Shea, wife of Reggie Kray, remains one of the most tragic stories of the Sixties.

Courted by Reggie as a schoolgirl, Frances was lured into an outwardly glamorous world of nightclubs, expensive clothes and showbiz parties. Yet she very soon discovered the real world of the Kray Twins, the hidden, twiste

d world where violence, drink, drugs and terror dominated everything.

By the time she married Reggie in their ‘Wedding of the Year’ in 1965, Frances and her family had become inextricably linked with the Twins’ downward spiral from gangland extortion and brutality into senseless murder and mayhem.Frances broke away and briefly enjoyed other relationships, struggling to maintain her freedom. Yet Reggie would never let her go. Paranoid and obsessive, he monitored her every move, stalking her night and day.

Trapped, desperate and unable to cope, just two years later Frances died from a drug overdose.

Only now, fifty years later, in a revealing and shocking examination of the facts, the truth about the life of Frances Shea and her short marriage to Reggie Kray is finally revealed in this new, revised edition. With hitherto unseen photographs, documents and revelations, the book explodes the many myths surrounding the marriage. In doing so, it uncovers the sordid reality of the Kray world- and shows how the effect of this tragic, doomed relationship haunted the lives of Frances’s loved ones right to the end.


Join author Jacky Hyams as she talks about her book Frances Kray The Tragic Bride The True Story of Reggie Kray’s First Wife. Jacky will be talking on Thursday 17th of September at Waterstones Brighton, and on Thursday the 24th of September at West End Lane Books.

Both events start at 7.30pm and are free, with a Q&A and a complimentary drink.

17/09: Waterstones, Third Floor, 71-74 North Street (Clock Tower), Brighton BN1 1ZA

24/09: West End Lane Books, 277 West End Lane, West Hampstead NW6


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