After the Match, the Game Begins

By Kenny McCall, John Robb

After the Match, the Game Begins Look inside
  • Publication Date: 1 Jul 2007
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd
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ISBN: 9781782192725
ISBN: 9781844544516
ISBN: 9781844548989



"After The Match, The Game Begins" is the story of how two childhood mates grew up literally either side of the two closest football grounds in the UK and into one of the most feared firms in the country. Growing up in Dundee as football crazy young boys they faced an early choice, Dundee united or Dundee FC. Kenny McCall chose United and John Robb picked the dark blue of Dundee. As they approached their teenage years a new youth phenomenon which had already began to appear on the football terraces of Britain, started to spread like wildfire throughout every town and city in Scotland and into Dundee. The Casual was born. Instead of becoming bitter rivals and sworn enemies they stood side by side in the one and only firm in the city which 'defended' both clubs. This is the true, honest and very unique story of the Dundee Utility thugs.

About the author

Kenny McCall was born in Dundee in 1971, a devoted husband and father of two beautiful children. An Engineer since he left school he is a passionate follower of Dundee United. John Robb also was born in Dundee in 1972, a devoted husband who has trained and worked as a printer since he left school. He is a passionate follower of the other club in the city, Dundee FC. Both risked all for their other love, being a part of the Utility.

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