About John Blake Publishing

John Blake Publishing is a publishing company and prides itself being the first to tap into commercial trends, and our recent Breaking Bad Cookbook has been a particular runaway success. We are innovative, creative and we're always looking for ground-breaking new ideas to enhance our readers' experience.

In 2016, former Fleet Street journalist and national newspaper editor John Blake will have been publishing books for twenty five years. John Blake Publishing specialises in high profile, mass-market non-fiction – the books people really want to read. Our commissioning criterion is simple: could it be a bestseller? It is this attitude that has seen us to grow to be the major force in British publishing we are now, with countless Sunday Times bestsellers to our name.

We carved our reputation pioneering True Crime and ‘Hard Men’ books, with enduring classics like Lenny McLean’s genre-spawning The Guv’nor and Roy Shaw’s memoir Pretty Boy still setting the benchmark today.

From the publishing phenomenon that was Being Jordan by Katie Price – signed for £10,000 and selling a million copies – or 2014’s monstrously successful autobiography of Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan, to British acting treasure George Cole’s wonderful memoir The World is My Lobster, we’ve always had a line in spotting opportunities to bring the best and freshest celebrity autobiographies to market.

But in recent years our lists have diversified in colourful, exciting (and often unexpected) ways. Our Metro Books imprint is dedicated to bringing premium quality history, art, humour and gift books to the market. There you might find anything from Charlie Croker’s Utterly Lost in Translation (from a series noted by the Sunday Times as being ‘too funny for public transport’) to Surgeon at War 1939-1945 or the most critically acclaimed biography of wartime poet Siegfried Sassoon (‘fine, engrossing, sympathetic’ – The Times).

John Blake Publishing is an imprint of Kings Road Publishing, part of Bonnier Books UK.