14 Zebra

By Henry Carroll, Nigel Howlett

14 Zebra Look inside
  • ISBN: 9781844542857
  • Publication Date: 29 Sep 2006
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
  • Imprint: John Blake Publishing Ltd

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Did you know that when fourteen or more zebra are grouped together on the Serengeti Plain, they become visible from space? Or that lightning strikes account for 42 per cent of all giraffe deaths? This hilariously wacky book documents the 'findings' of Carroll & Howlett, the world's most illustrious adventure-travelling duo. With beautifully illustrated 'facts' interspersed with comical extracts from their expedition log, this book will transport you to a bizarre world where anything is possible. Enter the world of "Fourteen Zebra"...

About the author

After firmly establishing himself as the world's second greatest geologist, Henry Carroll set out in search of the world's softest diamond. His epic journey took him in to the depths of the Pacific Ocean and to the iciest reaches of Siberia. Just as he was beginning to give up a freak typhoon left him marooned in the jungles of central Africa. A few days after passing his 11 plus exam, the child prodigy, Nigel Howlett decided to embark on an open-ended sabbatical in the Congo. It was during this time where he first laid eyes on the ancient rock carvings of the Wacca-Dacca tribe. Howlett spent years in the jungle decoding the Hieroglyphs, revealing that they translated into a map marking the location of a rare crystal, so soft it could be moulded in your hands. Two nights later the hand of fate intervened - lost and delirious, with no food or water, Carroll unexpectedly met Howlett. After finding the diamond and then accidentally eating it in a bizarre tribal ritual, the two embarked on a six-year journey to uncover the most extraordinary facts from around the world, which will stretch our understanding of science, history and nature to the very limit.

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